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Chase is helping troubled homeowners to lessen their monthly mortgage loan payment in an attempt to prevent losing their homes through foreclosure. This program which is offered by the JP Morgan Chase Bank; acknowledges that homeowners have become frustrated over the way the unsteady economy has forced them to juggle their monthly payments in order to keep their loved ones fed. Deciding what bills to cover or even just to neglect has caused the need for a lot of families to take into consideration the loan modification process. For many property owners paying their monthly mortgage has no longer become a concern and has lead thousands of families in fear of losing their residences.

For anybody who is in need of a loan mod with the Chase Corporation you will want to continue scanning this write-up; they do work out of 24 mortgage centers so you’ll want to gather all the info you can. Getting a Chase loan modification will take a lot of planning and of course, if you’re not experienced in this particular niche; these suggestions might help you be a success in saving your household from the embarrassment of giving up your home.

Virtually all home owners will probably need to discover ways to qualify and how to apply for the loan mod in order to remain in their homes. You are not alone, so don’t worry if you are new to this method, quite a few individuals have come out ahead and averted foreclosure efficiently.

First: You should never contact your lender on your own, they are going to direct you to the collections department and ultimately their purpose is going to be to get another payment out of you. There are companies that will run you through the loan modification process; unless you are experienced in this particular field of finance they will do this for you. They will speak with your lender on your behalf, and get the modification process started with no upfront fees.

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3rd part to do I have a case against Chase Finan

2009-12-01 08:29:49 by liveinthenow

Beginning of August 2009 I wrote a letter to three separate Chase address regarding a letter they sent me about being in default of my loan with them. The letter goes into detail about everything I have done, letters, calls, offers on the house to try and resolve this matter. Again in this letter I ask for the denial letter form the PMI company on the rejection of the first offer submitted.
End of August 2009- Chase requests even more documentation from me and I comply the same day.
End of September 2009- my fiancé and I sign a rescission offer on the property

Post foreclosure lawsuit against lender

2009-03-10 20:51:48 by Clwsnpws

I need legal assistance with a lawsuit I have filed against Chase Home Finance, US Bank NA, NDEX etc. for wrongful foreclosure, quiet title, injunctive relief etc.
I do not currently have the funds to pay a retainer but am more than willing to agree to a 40% contingency.
I already have had the luck to have the U.D. action consolidated into my court as my case is the lead case.
I am a studying paralegal and can help with legal research etc. but I really need help with the legal nuances of these twisted issues....I was in loan modification negotiations with Chase when they sold my house at auction to themselves

Looking for Lawyer to Take on Wells Fargo

2009-12-29 12:12:40 by ReviewersClub

Three years ago, we were solicited for a re-finance with World Savings. I did the refinance and the first payment was hundreds of dollars more than we were told it would be.
From then on it's all been downhill. World was bought by Wachovia, Wachovia was bought by Wells. Ultimately, I was offered a consolation, and settled on a 30 year fixed for 5.23% But now the home value has dropped considerably and I'm trying to get a Loan Modification or Principal Reduction but can't seem to get anywhere. Same experience as before, dozens and dozens of phone calls and letters, everyone you get passes the buck and sends you to someone else who then sends you to someone else and the...

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