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Iam being reviewed for a home loan modifcation and i am 6 months behind on my home loan, whats going to happen? My job has fully recovered and we are back to normal hours, Has anyone been in this situation where they get a lower payment and for how long? My payment was 995.00 each month and that included taxes and insurance and PMI. I keep calling Wells Fargo to check in but they say to be patient. I got a letter from an attorney saying they were going to start foeclose on me, the lady at WFB told me that was normal and no sale date was set. Has anyone gone threw this from WFB? Please help thank you

IRS expands rules on deductible home-equity debt.: An article from: Journal of Accountancy
Book (American Institute of CPA's)

Wells Fargo to provide loans if Prop R passes.

2002-10-23 17:36:27 by Shyster

Banks back tenants' bid to buy.
Of The Examiner Staff
Proposition R supporters got a big boost Monday when Wells Fargo announced it will provide home loans if the measure passes Nov. 5.
"Now there is financing available, something our critics said couldn't happen," Supervisor Tony Hall said at a City Hall press conference.
Hall and Tenants for Homeownership put Prop. R on the ballot with a petition drive. The measure would allow tenants to buy their rental units as condominiums under certain conditions

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