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Rhode Island VA Loan Rates

Trying to get a home loan or get an existing one refinanced can be an arduous task. You have to get your credit score in shape, and then comes the time to shop around and decide what type of loan is best. Even once you have determined the best loan for your particular needs, you still have to decide on a loan term to make sure that your financing needs will not overburden the budget any more in 10 years than next month.

Rhode Island Home Loans

Home loans are available in both fixed and adjustable interest rates. Keep in mind that adjustable rates will almost certainly go up over time, and calculate the impact such rises will have on your budgeting. For many, the initial low interest charged on ARM’s is a great idea, especially if your goal is to own the home for a few years and then sell it, essentially avoiding the rising interest rates as well as profiting from the rebounding home prices which are expected.

Rhode Island Refinancing and Restructuring

One option for changing an existing Adjustable Rate Mortgage into an affordable Fixed Rate Mortgage is simple refinancing. This type f mortgage buys your existing loan and then sell the home to you again at current interest rates. You will need to have several percentages points of equity in the home or a credit score of 680 or higher to qualify.

Rhode Island Home Equity Loans

If your mortgage isn’t the problem, but you need to increase your available money flow, a home equity loan may be a better alternative. Home equity loans are well suited for paying a college tuition, putting a new roof on the home, or even making the home larger in preparation for a growing family. Lenders prefer to see 5% or more equity in the home, and your loan terms and values will be influenced by the amount you have accrued.

Rhode Island Mortgage Tips

Do not think of a home equity loan as a way to get “free” money. You still have the loan to pay back, with interest. For this reason, home equity loans make a poor choice to fund a family vacation, or for any type of monetary gamble, even gambling itself. To maximize the effectiveness of the loan, use it to increase your property value with renovations or additions. Even adding a fence or new driveway can increase the home value and provide you a return on the investment.

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