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Our most popular loan options for first-time home buyers

  • Mortgage First
    Get an edge in today’s competitive real estate market with our exclusive approval that lets you take care of the mortgage upfront – before you find a home.
  • FHA Loan
    Purchase your home with only 3.5% down. Closing costs can be a gift from a relative!
  • 30-Year Loan
    Our most popular mortgage. Get a low payment and the security your rate won’t change for the life of your loan.
  • VA Loan
    No down payment, no PMI and flexible credit requirements make the VA loan a top choice for veterans and active military members.

Home Equity loans

2003-01-22 06:07:27 by PaulThode

One disadvantage of a HE loan is that the rates can go up quickly if rates go up. If you get a fixed rate mortgage then you have that rate for the 15-30 years.
Also, some HE loans have a five year maturity.. i.e. you have to redo every five years. You don't know what economic conditions will be like in five years so you have more risk??
At current rates you should be able to get a fixed rate loan with a reasonable rate and no points, just pay a slightly higher rate.
Do a lot of comparison shoppping there are a lot of unethical lenders/brokers out there among the honest ones.

Try this Direct Loans site...

2012-01-09 12:51:53 by djuniver1

You can try this site, I have used it before:
It's a totally Free resource. Basically they researched and put together all the best Direct Payday and Installment Lenders into a very easy to understand comparison chart with direct links to each lender.
With all of them there are no credit checks and usually you can get the money deposited to your account the same day!
Like I said, I used this site a couple of times over the last 6 months and it really is a huge time saver and just so convenient. The loans that I got I was able to pay off over 4 months

Amortized loan verses interest only loan

2003-06-08 11:56:56 by NewhomebuyerinSJC

We are checking various loan options and choices and it is confusing and also a major commitment. Advice is solicited.
Option 1:
5 yr Fixed verses Interest only ( 75 % + 25% estimate is
2027 + 406 = 2433)
5 year Fixed int only is 1500 + 406 = 1906
Is it better to get the interest only loan for a town home/ condo that we plan to move out of by 10 years and invest the rest in the stock market etc. Considering current conditions is having the money in more liquidatable assests (i.e not in the property) a better choice ? I know there are other loans out there but want a comparison on the above two.

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Mortgage lending for first-time buyers at six-year high  — The Independent
But the typical income of first-time buyer households also hit a record high of £36,460, underlining how home ownership has been snatched away from lower paid groups.

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