Home Repair Loans and Grants

Zero interest loans available through the town terminate in September.

A $300, 000 state grant awarded to Bethel in 2011 for no-interest home repair loans is set to expire in September with about $100, 000 in funds remaining to be used.

The loans,part of the Connecticut Small Cities Community Development Block Grant program,are reserved for low-income families with homes in need of renovations,such as roof repairs,window or siding replacement or handicap alterations.

The loans are offered with 0 percent interest,however they must be repaid in full before the property can be deeded or sold.

Family room additions,decks or cosmetic projects are not eligible under this program.
Income eligibility is based on household size.

  • Single person: $42, 250;
  • Family of two: $54, 000;
  • Family of three: $60, 750;
  • Family of four: $67, 450.

For more information,contact the Bethel First Selectman’s Office for more information.
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2011-10-23 08:17:17 by SCCyclist

Point #1...sorry about the spelling my friend...I'm just a backwoods suthin boy with very little education but I love Jesus with all my heart and soul and I hope u know him as well! :)
point #2... I'm a Licensed Contractor and I encourage my customers to do anything and everything they can themselves during a renovation IF they choose to do so in an effort to save them money and so they will actually enjoy the end result as them having the opportunity to participate in it's completion...just gives them a warm fuzzy feeling knowing they helped and I get to enjoy the company of some wonderful people

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