Veterans Administration home loans guidelines

CA and USA Flags“The VA rates are some of the lowest around, ” said Jason Grote, co-owner of San Luis Obispo County-based lender Central Coast Lending.

In lieu of mortgage insurance, borrowers pay a 2.15% “up front” fee that is financed into the loan.

VA-qualified borrowers are also able to refinance into a VA loan, regardless of the loan type they currently have.

“The Veteran’s Administration has loosened their guidelines, ” said Grote. “For example, a qualifying borrower with an FHA loan, an extra line of credit, and 0% equity is able to refinance.”

“The bottom line is that this is a great program, ” said Grote. “If you are a veteran, you have a chance to grab some of the lowest rates around, the best mortgage insurance terms, and expanded refinance guidelines. It is super affordable. Come in and find out what this looks like.”

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Home equity loans for bad credit

2007-12-04 15:13:34 by ?

I own my house outright, no mortgage. I'm not sure where to start to try to get a loan.
My credit is very bad. I have multiple small things in collection, and my husband is being sued for $5000. I also owe my parents $15,000. I want to get a home equity loan to fix all these, but I'm not sure if I can, with my bad credit. Is it possible without getting bad adgustable rate terms and such?

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