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My Home loan was sanctioned against application number 7779132588 at 10.5% fixed rate. My home loan account number is LBGHZ00001975181. I was given sanction letter with the said details for a home loan of 4500000 at 10.5% fixed for first 5 years and renewable for another 5 years for a total loan term of 20 years. However at the time of disbursement, I was informed that the sanction letter was incorrect and the rate of interest applicable would be 10.75%. This is totally a breach of agreement between myself and the bank. How come a wrong sanction letter was given to me with the wrong interest rate. I feel cheated by the bank. I have accepted the sanction letter with 10.5% as the rate of interest.Now I am at a stage that I cannot go anywhere else and the bank is trying to take me for granted.I have been harassed for unwanted reason. A personal loan was shown open in my name but the details provided was incorrect. I had made it clear at the time of application that I have a personal loan in the name of my wife for Rs. 5200 which is getting over in March 2013. But I was informed that no proof would be required since it is getting over. Now my disbursement cheque was stopped stating that I have an open loan and I need to provide proof. The way this entire loan application was handled by the credit team is very shabby and questionable. Due to their fault I would have to pay additional 700 Rs per month for EMI. I have an approved sanction letter with 10.5% as a rate of interest. I will not pay 10.75 as it will be a breach of the agreement. Also, the EMI letter given to me was different and the EMI’s debited from account was different. Due to this reason my first EMI was returned due to insufficient funds. Because of the bank people my account statement was ruined. I have been chasing the customer care and the Nodal office since 22 March 2013. Till date no one has contacted me to offer a solution. Even, I requested the sales person from the bank who handled my case to give me a copy of the Tripartite agreement but I was not given a copy of the same. 1. My home loan was sanctioned for 10.5% ROI on the sanction letter. But disbursement letter showed 10.75%. 2. Loan EMI shown on the disbursement letter was different and the amount debited from my account was different. 3. Due to wrong communication and incorrect processing, my bank account statement was ruined and EMI ECS got returned. ICICI...

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Unpaid Student Loan Leads to SWAT Team Raid?

2011-06-11 13:05:58 by tsraina

Unpaid Student Loan Leads to SWAT Team Raid?
If you had any doubt that paying back your student loan is mandatory, Kenneth Wright's story will make you think again. Here's what the U.K.'s Daily Mail reported happened to the Stockton, Calif., man:
A father was dragged from his home and handcuffed in front of his children by a SWAT team looking for his estranged wife -- to collect her unpaid student loans.
A stunned Kenneth Wright had his front door kicked in by the raiding party at 6 am yesterday before being dragged onto his front porch, handcuffed and led to a police car with his three children

NY Times article on car loans

2004-07-28 12:22:26 by __

I remember somethign about this being discussed before re: home loans.
Study Says Blacks Paid More for Honda Loans
If I recall correctly, you need not register
Usrname and password. pocforum
Someone correct me if I am wrong about that log in.

Freedie and Fanny will no longer make loans

2010-07-23 05:49:04 by thats-the-ticket

On homes that receive grants, funding, payola for the installation of alternative energy. All those special deals on solar panels set up by the states and counties have a little clause in them that says the money given for the purchase makes that money superior to any home loan. If the owners of the home go into foreclosure, the agency that gave or lent the money at low rates gets paid first, the mortgage company is left holding the bag.
my local paper had it on the front page because we had a rash of home owners sucking up the money

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ICICI Bank inaugurates a new branch at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad  — Parda Phash
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