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The Texas Attorney General has decided to crack down on abusive mortgage servicing practices -after a FOX news 4 investigative piece that noted homeowner complaints involving their mortgage servicing company; American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. a/k/a AHMSI.

In an earlier blog, "Never missed a mortgage payment --but facing a foreclosure" the video investigative report shed light on the types of complaints many borrowers these days have against their mortgage company. Just two weeks after this investigation, the AG's office who originally told complaining consumers they should hire their own attorneys to fight American Home Mortgage Servicing, has changed it's mind.

Now, the Texas Attorney General is suing AHMSI accusing them of aggressive and unlawful tactics when collecting mortgage payments from Texas homeowners and using using agressive and illegal debt collection practices -many of which resulted in jacked up mortgage payments -without cause.

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Banks systematically overcharged veterans ...

2011-10-06 09:20:16 by rewinn

ATLANTA (AP) - A whistleblower lawsuit launched in 2006 and unsealed Tuesday in federal court in Atlanta claims several large banks and mortgage companies defrauded military veterans and taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars in a "brazen scheme" to hide illegal fees.
The lawsuit, brought under the Federal Claims Act by two mortgage brokers, claims the 13 banks and mortgage firms over-charged veterans who were applying for special home loans guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Federal rules allow the lenders to charge "reasonable and customary" fees and taxes, the lawsuit said, but they are barred from charging them attorneys' fees and...

This is typically the situation I hear of when I

2011-05-31 23:21:17 by thenextmovement

Hear of MOBs.
And a similar situation? Guys who often travel to foreign countries for employment who end up marrying the local populace. A friend of my sister's spoke fluent Spanish and often traveled to South American locales for work, translating for corporate deals. While the job paid well, he wasn't making tons of money, I'd say even at the height of his translating career it was most likely in the range of 50 to 60k.
While on a few month long assignment to Peru he ended up meeting one of the local women who, during those few months, fast fell in love with

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