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My wife and I are seeking a portfolio lender in the area that could help us with our situation.
We had a bankruptcy discharge in Mar 2010. Coming March 2012 it will be two years.

I had a business that went under at the tailend of 2009. I had 4 four credit lines open that I couldnt
continue paying as a result.

My wife and I have had 20yrs of great 800+ credit score, but after chap7 it dropped down to
620s, but now it is approaching 700s.

We have never been forclosed or included any of our previous homes in our bankruptcy.
In fact we have never even made 1 late payment for the time we had our homes, C/C Students loans, Car payments EVER.
Home ownership was the period of 1996 thru 2005 when we sold. Currently we rent.

We have quickly repaired our credit during this time frame by opening several secured credit cards and financing two vehicles. One for $37000 and the other for $15000. Last check in August 2011 our credit scores were both 694 and 690.

We are looking to buy a home in the range $585-605, 000
Down Payment of 20% or $115, 000

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2008-03-13 12:18:15 by plenipotentiary

"We believe it will not have a measurable impact on any of our other funds, investments and portfolio companies," the Carlyle Group said in a statement. It manages $81.1 billion and has invested $43 billion of equity in 774 corporate and real estate transactions that cost a total of $229.3 billion.
Since the beginning of the credit crunch, Carlyle Group has extended loans to Carlyle Capital to help meet margin calls, including a $150 million revolving loan, Citigroup analyst Donald Fandetti told investors in a research note March 6. "It appears CCC is fully drawn on this line and so far no further loans have been provided

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