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Michael Nazarinia is Principal of REST Report Matters and covers loan modifications and other alternatives to foreclosure at and He has personally seen over 1000 modifications, 1000 stop sales, several hundred forbearance agreements and 2nd lien settlements since 2008, and speaks to homeowners, advocates and attorneys regularly about their unique cases from both a hard numbers and problem-solving perspective. He has worked on the mathematical analysis of several thousand modifications with attorneys and brokers since 2007 using net present value (NPV) comparative analysis (since 2010) using the R.E.S.T Report Matters Loan Modification Disposition Analysis Platform.

- Southlake, Texas.

If you are a borrower who has received a completed loan modification with American Home Mortgage Servicing commonly referred to as AHMSI formerly found at and now called Homeward Residential, and the permanent loan modification as granted under the Making Home Affordable, Home Affordable Modification Program commonly referred to as MHA HAMP or MHA or HAMP, we want to hear from you!

AHMSI provided homeowners with permanent loan modifications under MHA HAMP and we would like to review your permanent loan documentation, the complete set, for what may be fees that were added to the loan at the time of permanent modifications.

Please include all documentation that came with the permanent loan modification documents.

You may email the document set to Michael J. Fisher at


mail address at

Michael J. Fisher
AHMSI HAMP Permanent Document Review
705 Love Henry Court
Southlake, Tx 76092

via Fax 817-796-2682

or you can call him with any questions at


We are seeking to determine if we may be able to find a method to offer AHMSI HAMP permanent modification borrowers further relief as some borrowers have been overcharged in some cases as much as $1, 000 or more.

If you have received an AHMSI MHA HAMP PERMANENT MODIFICATION we would love to be able to review your contract or speak with you via telephone.

We are NOT seeking any business or compensation from any borrowers for this FREE review of your permanent loan modification documents from AHMSI.

There is never any fee for our review of your contract, or ever any fee requested from you at any time for this free review.

If we can ascertain that certain violations have occurred in your AHMSI Permanent Modification Contract, then we may be able to seek a refund, or credit on your behalf.

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Chase Home Mortgages

2012-09-09 06:38:42 by shop4man

Sucks,if your trying to get a HARP or do a refinance to lower your interest rate go look somewhere else. I tried with Chase for 4 months and got the run around. Tried to get an Assumable loan due to my divorce and was told by Chase no because I own a Mobile and they dont do Mobiles even though Chase holds the current paper work on the my mortgage. Iam being penalized for owning a Mobile(2100 Sqft triple wide) with a interest rate of %6.625 when loans are available at %4 or less.
So the bottom line is if you own a mobile and Chase holds the mortgage dont waste your time trying to refinance with them.

Mobile homes

2006-11-21 09:20:23 by Mortgageman101

Becareful with purchasing a mobile home. Because of the following reasons. Mobile homes are difficult to find mortgages for. Most lenders do not finance mobile homes. If they do it is primarily double wides, on a fixed foundation, where you own the land. And they can not be in a mobile home community. The rates are relatively high unless you go FHA. Also mobile homes are extremely difficult to make a profit when/if you decide to sell. most of the time they depreciate unless in nice areas on the water like in FL or CA. Also if you find a mortgage and 4-5 years down the road you want to refinance it will again be difficult to find a lender

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