Vacation Home Mortgages

Vacation Home Mortgages
  • We’ll find the right mortgage loan to suit your needs. We have several mortgage options to help you buy and finance a second home, even with as little as 10% down!
  • A Quicken Loans preapproval gives your offer more bargaining leverage. Sellers and agents know you’ve got your paperwork together and are ready to buy.

For the past 28 years we’ve helped Americans all across the country, just like you, buy vacation homes. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Our most popular loan options for vacation homes

  • Mortgage First
    Get an edge in today’s competitive real estate market with our exclusive approval that lets you take care of the mortgage upfront – before you find a home.
  • 30-Year Loan
    Fixed rates are near new historic lows. Find out how low your payment could be with a 30-year fixed rate!
  • 15-Year Loan
    Get the same security of a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, but pay your mortgage off in half the time.

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Mortgages - Rethinking Vacation Homes

2010-01-10 18:03:03 by Pelham-Bay

IN the heart of the winter, many homeowners may be romanticizing about a vacation home in warmer climes.
Fewer people had the opportunity to buy one last year, what with the mortgage crisis. Lenders now appear more willing to finance second homes, but borrowers must be patient, eminently qualified and strategic about their housing choices.
“People are beginning to see some opportunities, but they have to be strong borrowers,” said John Walsh, the president of Total Mortgage Services in Milford, Conn.
The improving conditions for borrowers, Mr

Any tax benefit to buying a vacation home?

2005-08-16 11:44:44 by ---

First of all, I don't have a primary home. And buying this vacation home would be the first and only home I've ever bought.
As for why I dont have a primary, I live in the Bay Area. The vacation home I'm thinking of buying is 1/4 the cost of a home here, and it's in Oregon.
With that said, do I get the normal tax benefits of owning a vacation home?
-- deduct mortgages
-- etc

House Approves Mortgage Bankruptcy Overhaul

2009-03-05 18:29:40 by Pelham-Bay

House Approves Mortgage Bankruptcy Overhaul
Thu Mar 5, 2009 7:54pm EST
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Bankruptcy judges could cut the mortgage debt of homeowners in bankruptcy court as a last resort to avert foreclosure, under a bill approved by a 234-191 vote on Thursday in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Seen by Democratic supporters as vital to stabilizing the crumbling U.S. real estate market, the so-called "cramdown" bill has been opposed by bankers, despite amendments made this week to limit its scope, including one restricting it to existing primary residence mortgages, not future loans

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