Bad credit home mortgage lenders

Most, if not all of the above described programs can be utilized even if a borrower does not have perfect credit. In these cases, the rates will be higher and LTV's allowed will be lower. Most lenders have special divisions specifically created for the marketing and sales limited programs as incentives, when they recognize an area where there is a need.


  • Potential for reestablishing credit if you pay your mortgage on time.
  • When used for debt consolidation you may be able to reduce your monthly debt payment.


  • Slightly high interest rates.
  • Terms may not be as favorable.
  • Harder to get long term fixed loans.
  • Loans may have prepay penalties.

We specialized to help customers with imperfect and bad credit. This may be your golden opportunity to re-establish your credit and recover from overwhelming debt or consolidate your high interest debt in one easy, a low interest monthly payment, or buy a new home with low interest rate with poor or imperfect credit. We take exceptional pride in helping homeowners repair their credit and putting them on the golden road to recovery.

Even if you have been turned down for a home loan before, or you do not think that you can qualify - We can help you even if you fall under categories like late payments, no credit, collection accounts, unemployment or laid off, turned down by a bank, judgments, liens, and charge offs.

When i went for a home loan

2008-08-01 23:56:32 by ZaphodBeeblebrox1

I was told I qualified for up to $475,000, I asked the lender if he was smoking crack. I knew me and I knew I could afford $120,000 max at the time. If I bought a home for $240,000, I would be a slave to it working 2 jobs, and if I paid what he said I could have I am sure I would have defaulted, ruined my credit, and would be completely screwed for the next 12 yrs, during which time I would have paid only interest on the home, settling barely any principal, the bank would have taken my home and sold it another schmuck willing and unable, while i spent the next 6 yrs with bad credit. Predatory lenders do this to repeat the whole thing over again and again

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Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders
Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

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