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Securing a Utah Reverse Mortgage

The Utah reverse mortgage loan is one of just a handful of loans available in the nation that allow homeowners to tap into their home equity and generate income. Very few financial instruments allow this, at least not in an effective and secure way. If you own a home with equity and you’re over the age of 62 in Utah, you likely qualify for this mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Utah Information

It’s not hard to get one of these loans. Reverse mortgages in Utah are offered as a unique, beneficial service to seniors and retirees who need or want to establish a steady stream of retirement income while remaining financially independent. With this loan, your lender takes over ownership of your home equity and pays you for it in spendable cash. You don’t have to worry about losing your home or paying the loan back. The money is your money.

As a result, you can spend the money on anything you want. Though the goal of a reverse mortgage is to help you obtain the money you need to live comfortably and healthily, you can put the funds toward a nice vacation, a down payment on a new home, gifts for grandkids, medical costs, other debt, or anything else. For more reverse mortgage information and to find out how you can qualify for this loan type, read some of the other articles on this site or get in touch with one of our lenders.

You can elect to receive your money in one of several possible ways.

  • In monthly installments.
  • As a lump sum.
  • Through a credit line.
  • Any combination of the above options.

Your lender owns your home equity in a reverse mortgage but not the home itself. This should come as a relief to many homeowners who are accustomed to fearing that their home will be repossessed. In traditional mortgages, your loan is secured by your home and can be taken over by your lender. This is not the case with reverse mortgages. You can continue living in your home as long as you please without paying anything back to your lender.

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