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The Home Loan Calculator helps you analyze home loans. How much can you borrow for how long at what interest rate?*

  • Enter ballpark values by dragging the sliders left or right.
  • Enter exact numbers by clicking in the box and type your number (no commas).
  • Solve for different variables by clicking on the radio button in front of a label name. You cannot change values if the radio button is selected. The results of your calculations show in the box near the bottom of the calculator.

Loan Calculator Tab

The Loan Calculator Tab allows you to enter basic information used to calculate your loan.

Loan Amount Select this button to figure out the biggest loan you can afford given the interest rate, the loan duration and the monthly payment you can afford. Loan Period Select this button to figure out how long your debt will last. You would typically solve for the loan period to figure out how an increased monthly payment might reduce the loan term. Annual Rate Select this button to figure out what happens to the interest rate when you change other loan variables. Monthly Payment Select this button to figure out what affects the monthly payment. Total Interest Paid This amount reflects all the interest you have to pay over the life of the loan. Results The content of the results box changes depending upon which variable you have selected and upon the amounts you enter in the other variables.

Payment Schedule Tab

The Payment Schedule Tab shows the amortization schedule for the chosen loan. Each row shows a payment number, the interest, the principal and the balance of the loan at that payment number.

Payment Chart Tab

The Payment Chart Tab shows an area graph with payment values and the distribution of interest, principal and extra principal (if any).Mouse over eithr chart and move to a payment number to get a readout of interest, principal and extra principal for any one loan period.

The pie chart shows you the cumulative distribution of interest, principal and extra payments (if any) at the end of your loan.

Extra Principal Extra Principal is an amount you include with your payment to be used explicitly for paying down the principal, not the interest. The faster you pay down your principal, the shorter your loan will be and the less total interest you have to pay.


2002-08-02 13:38:45 by DoBetterIsAFake

'DoBetter' ignores many negative fundamentals, including the enormous debt burden which will eventually sink this economy.
U.S. DEBT ROLL-OVER GROWING AT ACCELERATING RATES. The increasing amount of U.S. debt, and thus of debt that requires roll-over, is creating the eruption of a hyperinflation of the type that ravaged Weimar Germany, from March through November, 1923.
U.S. debt has grown, as businesses borrow for leveraged buy-outs, or just to survive; and households borrow through credit cards or for home mortgages. One can see the tendency in the increase in indebtedness of the major categories of U

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