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SBI's revised EMI for loan tenure of 30 years will be Rs885 for women and Rs889 for others against the prevailing EMI of Rs900 per lakh

State Bank of India (SBI), the country's largest lender on Thursday announced a separate interest rate structure for woman home loan borrowers. SBI also increased the slabs for interest rate on home loan to Rs75 lakh from Rs30 lakh.

In a statement, SBI said, its revised EMI per lakh rupees for a loan tenure of 30 years will be Rs885 for women and Rs889 for others against the prevailing EMI of Rs900 per lakh.


Loan Limit

Woman Customers*


Upto Rs. 75 lacs

10.10% p.a.

10.15% p.a.

Above Rs. 75 lacs

10.25% p.a.

10.30% p.a.

* Where the woman is the sole applicant or first co-applicant and also the sole or first co-owner of the property.

Get a home equity loan now

2004-02-19 20:21:57 by shoptillyoudrop

While the rates are still low.
If nothing else, have it gutted by other folks. Cheap labor to gut it. But a pro GC to supervise. It will be at least 20 tons of plaster. Takes about a week, maybe two. Then they will point out all the important things that are wrong that you damn well better do something about. Plus you can add shear wall cheaply for much added structural strength (earthquakes, etc., insurance discount), which can't be done otherwise. All the wiring will be exposed and a snap to replace. Any hot Knob & Tube junctions that are itching to start a fire will be visible

Seeking advice: Time to refinance? (FHA Loan)

2008-04-12 09:43:18 by sarbuze

Brief background:
First time home purchase (April 2007) through FHA Loan at 5.75% interest. Our mortgage payment with PMI, insurance, taxes, etc is around $2000.
Financially we are quite stable and are currently doing some upgrades to the home (new kitchen, new landscaping in back yard).
Is now a good time to refinance since mortgage rates are dropping? Should we wait until they go down more, or until our renovations are complete?
Any advice is very appreciated. We're going to contact our financial adviser next week about this, but figured I'd get advice from some of the resident experts.

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