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Home Loan Calculator Home loan calculators. We’ve all heard of them, and some people have even made use of them in the past, but there are some that still do not know what they are and what they are used for. For those that do not know, these calculators can either be called home loan calculators or mortgage calculators, but the generally accepted name in South Africa is home loan calculators. Also, for those that do not know, they are not physical calculators like the ones you used in school for math test, nor can you carry one around in your pocket, since they are in the form of software either installed on a device or online.

Home loan calculators were created in order to aid you, as a person with a home loan or looking to get a home loan, to get more particulars about the repayment term, total amount to be repaid and all of the other variables that go along with home loans. To get more complex, they are software designed to run through formulas in order to get an answer with the variables given, exactly like a normal calculator, but to a different purpose. Obviously, there are many different kinds of home loan calculators, each for a different purpose.

The first kind that you will find is the one that is an affordability home loan calculator and this is designed to give you an idea of what you are able to afford. You should keep in mind that you may not use your entire disposable income to pay for your home loan, depending on what percentage of your income is disposable, which is why you should use this calculator in order to see what you are able to afford. Of course, you should do this before looking at homes, since you need a price range, and this calculator will give you one.

The additional payment calculator is a rather common one and it is used to see how much you will save on interest and by how much you can shorten our repayment term if you make an extra payment each month. You will be required to enter the total loan amount, interest rate, how much extra you will be paying each month and, in some cases, the repayment term of the loan.

The loan term calculator is an important one since it will show you the ideal repayment term for you. You will be entering the loan amount, interest rate and the amount that you want to pay each month and it will give you an idea of how long your home loan repayment term will be.

The monthly repayment calculator is probably the most important one because this is the first one people come to when considering buying a home. This calculator will ask you to enter the loan amount, repayment term and the interest rate in order to calculate and show you how much you will have to pay each month.

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Owning a home

2006-10-09 21:03:12 by G1094

My wife talked me into buying a home because interest rates were going to go up. In '68 we could not qualify so we took over a loan and instead of $109 rent we paid $129. In '74 we moved, kept the old and paid 37K. In 78 we sold both and bought a 104K house. In 95 I mortgaged the house so we could separate and we then had two houses worth about 180K. I paid off mine and took her name off the deed. She continues to pay on hers as she figures the money makes more in investment. Her house is now worth 700K, she pays a mortgage based on less than 100K and I pay no rent at all. I don't think I have ever, after the first one, paid as much as rent

No offense, but...

2006-05-28 19:56:55 by shu2

If your nickname is right and you're a home loan assistant, why would you be against migrants and immigrants? According to a lot of studies, one of the main reasons that housing prices are so high is that the historic low interest rates are allowing groups of people--immigrants, minorities, etc--to buy homes. Loan officers, mortgage brokers, and financiers are making boatloads of money lending to these groups. You're directly or indirectly benefiting from their buying power...so why complain? Without these groups propping up the economy the home boom wouldn't have been as it was (or is). The injection of money into the economy from their participation is absolutely necessary

21 Lines of Credit?!

2008-02-07 08:18:41 by Just_Me_Two

Last night my best friend told me she has 21 lines of credit. Mostly credit cards but also a student loan and car payment in there too. I thought that was a bad thing to have that many credit cards but she says that a mortgage consultant told her it's better to have many lines of credit in order to get approved for a home loan. She said most of the cards have no balances on them and she kept getting more cards because she didn't like the interest rates on the ones she already had. I guess she didn't know that she could call them to request a lower rate. Isn't it suppossed to be harder to

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    Feb 14, 2008 by e e in california | Posted in Renting & Real Estate

    I want to know how banks set the interest rates for mortgages. All I know is that they move up and down with the fed funds rate and discount rate (Correct me if I am wrong). Does anyone know all factors that play into the rates that lenders come with? Is there a way to calculate or give more or less weight to any one of them? Thank you.

    • They don t move in concert with the fed rate or discount rate. If you as an investor, want to buy bonds or stocks, one concern you have have for any long term financial commitment is worrying about how future inflation may destroy the value of your future payback. So if you think there will be a lot of inflation over the next several years you will want a larger return on your investment. People that invest in long term mortgages are no different. They worry about inflation. The reduction in the Fed rate seems to cause them to worry that we are possibly going to re-stimulate our inflation rate …