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TEXAS REFINANCE Best Texas 15 year fixed ratesLive in Texas and want to buy a home or refinance your mortgage? If so, we want to encourage you to call so we can send you an estimate based on today’s current mortgage/refinance rates. We do home loans–even Texas cash out home loans– all over Texas. So regardless if you live in Central Austin, The Woodlands (Houston), Lubbock, Midland, East Texas, or San Antonio–we can help you.

In Austin, call 512-996-8194

In DFW, call 972-325-2120

In Houston, call 713-589-224

Or Apply today and close at a local title company of your choice. Just let us know which title company you want to close your loan at and we’ll take care of all the details. Apply today…close in/around 30 days.

If you have a Texas zip code and are trying to buy an owner-occupied home and want the best rates with the lowest fees–AND want the comfort and ease of talking to a real-life experienced Texas mortgage professional (not one of those call centers based out of New Jersey)…please give us a call today!.

We’ve been in business since 2005 and look forward serving you. We’ve helped hundreds of people buy or refinance all over the great state of Texas. There’s never an obligation and we’re always just a phone call away….

Our Phone Numbers:

  • In Austin, Texas call 512-996-8194
  • In the Houston-area, call 713-589-2244
  • In DFW-area, call 972-325-2120
  • In San Antonio, call 210-858-5635

Or call us today and get up-to-the-minute rates and fees.

We offer…

  • Purchase Loans
  • Buy a home with only 5% and avoid PMI.
  • Or go Texas FHA which is a 3.5% down program. Remember, Texas FHA has pmi and a mandatory escrow. It’s ideal for the 620-670 crowd. However, the 5% down home loans that don’t have PMI or require an escrow account…these loans have lower payments, lower closing costs than FHA but one needs a 670-800 credit score to qualify.
  • If you have a 670+ and want to avoid mortgage insurance, or you want to pay your own taxes and insurance (not escrow with the bank)…. Apply Today!
  • Refinancing at the best rates/lowest closing costs.
      There’s simply no better Tx mortgage company to refinance with than Of course, we offer 30 year fixed rates like every other Tx mortgage company, however we have excellent 10 year fixed rates, 15 and even 25 year terms. >
    • As well as Texas jumbo cash out refinancing.
        Remember, a Tx cash out refi loans is considered “jumbo” when the loan exceeds $417, 000 and we have the best Tx jumbo cash out rates around. We offer jumbo cash out loans to 75%.


    Conventional Texas Mortgage Lender | Texas FHA | Texas Cash Out & Jumbo Mortgage Lender

    ~~ Since 2005 ~~

    Mylendingplace.com, LLC
    401 Congress Avenue; Suite 1540
    Austin, Texas 78701
    512-996-8194 (Austin, Texas Mortgage Office)
    713-589-2244 (Houston, Texas Mortgage Office)
    713-589-2244 (Dallas/Ft. Worth Mortgage Office)
    806-853-9109 (Lubbock, Texas Office)
    Texas Mortgage & Refinance Company: #270370 | #299445
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage @ 3.75% Locally

    2010-07-08 14:07:58 by Mortgage_Expert504

    Conventional rates are at an all time low!
    We have the best rates and lowest fees in Louisiana!
    30yr Fixed Mortgage Rate 4.375%
    15yr Fixed Mortgage Rate 3.75%
    We also do FHA loans up to 97.75% of the value of your home!
    We can also offer Reverse Mortgages where we pay off your current mortgage and you will never have to make another payment, and in some cases even get cash out of your home!
    (Must be at least 62yrs old to qualify for a reverse mortgage)
    Please call or email me directly to get your free quote with no obligation and no application fee

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