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Credit Sesame uses advanced patent-pending financial analysis to determine if you should refinance your mortgage, based upon your financial goals and complete financial picture. Finding the right loan is no easy task. Credit Sesame's analytics engine analyzes your credit history and debt picture against national refinance mortgage rates to find you personalized mortgage refinance rates that you actually pre-qualify for, suit your budget and are best matched with your financial goals.

Mortgage Refinance Types

Lower interest rates have many homeowners asking the question, should I refinance? The benefits can be a lower monthly payment or a cash payout on the existing equity that can be used to pay down other debts or make improvements on the home.

Mortgage Refinance Rates by State

Credit Sesame gathers all your financial information together, so that you can evaluate your current debt situation. We also continually search for the best mortgage refinance interest rates by state and loan plans to meet your needs.

Mortgage Refinance Programs

Before refinancing your home, it’s important to consider all of your home mortgage refinancing loan options. There are many government-based and alternate refinancing loan programs that can help you to refinance your home and big bucks over time.

Here is what he said about about mortgages...

2009-03-26 11:47:07 by OneSoul

On the home financing crisis, the second question put to the president, he was asked how his programs helped homeowners who are not facing foreclosure but have been deeply hurt by the recession. Many homeowners, after the housing price bubble burst late last year, now owe more on their homes than the houses are worth.
Obama told his Internet audience and about 100 people assembled in the East Room that his injection of stimulus spending into the housing market now makes it possible for 40 percent of all homeowners to take advantage of record-low mortgage interest rates. He encouraged eligible Americans to refinance

I need some education on this mortgage crisis...

2007-12-28 09:05:53 by Tobysmom

There are two things bothering me.
I probably have the most limited knowledge of mortgages out there. I bought my first home (condo) in 2000, when I was in my early 50's. However, even I would know not to get a variable rate mortgage, meaning the rate can go up and down. Even I know how risky that is and yes, the rate is low now, but it also means it can go sky high.
Can all these people be that stupid to sign for variable rates? The variable rate wasn't even given to me as as option. Why not? And why were all these people offered them? I can't believe this many fell for it

Music Video called Utah's Alright

2007-01-08 14:49:14 by MusicVid

Go to click on the video then the song Utah's Alright on the bottom of the page and enjoy.
If you like it let us know, and others... When you are ready to buy a home or refinance your existing mortgage we can handle it! At the guaranteed lowest rates.
Thanks, Tom Butler

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Time to refinance home mortgages is …
Time to refinance home mortgages is …
Refinance Your Home Mortgage Today!
Refinance Your Home Mortgage Today!

Calculator doesn't show the benefits  — Manawatu Standard
We then ran these through the Westpac bank mortgage calculator, assuming a 20 per cent deposit, annual joint income of just under $100,000 - the kind of salary a young professional couple might make - and a 30-year mortgage term.

Rising mortgage rates dilute affordability  — CBS News
At a 4.4 percent interest rate, the average for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage over the third quarter of the year, more than 70 percent of the country's homes remained affordable for a middle class family.

Media Freeware Releases Home Mortgage Calculator to Help Borrowers Get ..  — SBWire
Media Freeware aims to put an end to the confusion by providing a free Home Mortgage Calculator that gives individuals a detailed breakdown of exactly what a loan means depending on the specific features of the very loan users are considering ..

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