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Customer ratings and reviews. Felicity seemed to be the sort of horse girl I was in the mid to late 90s, which is to say someone who likes books about horses but has never actually spent time with them or knows how to interact with them. By reading this book students can take a better look at life in colonial era and better understand how ificant the change in the role of women was from pre-American Revolution to during the American Revolution when they went with their husbands and assisted on the battle front.

Luann Roberts Illustrator. You are an American Girl Rewards Member now. Jul 10, Lydia Therese rated it liked it Shelves: adventureown-paperbackhistorical-fictionre. Typical of the series, a few s of social history at the end of the book offer glimpses of period details in meet an american girl and pictures. I love reading about Felicity view spoiler [rescuing Penny from Jiggy Nye hide spoiler ]. Recently I meet an american girl the Felicity movie, and it was very well done, production-wise--I believe it encompasses events from all 6 books in the series.

Mar 02, T. Read reviews 44 Write a review. No longer available. Maybe the others are different, I hope so, because I love the concept. Shop our selection of dolls, books, and more that help build girls of strong character. So cute!

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Forgot password? For that matter, a LOT of books I read in which kids had adventures involved sneaking around the adults in their lives, so that would have seemed like Normal Story Progression, too. New memories are in store for you. American Girl: Felicity 1.

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The problem I had with this book, was that this little girl essentially stole, lied, disobeyed direct instructions of her parents and a neighbor, and trespassed repeatedly, even after warnings and getting caught, and really faced no consequences for those actions except for a "You should not have done that. When I explained to my five-year old what the books were, he I read all the American Girls books that were available at the time when I was eleven and twelve years old.

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Meet Felicity deals with her love of a horse, her hatred of its cruel owner, and her impetuous decision to save it. Felicity names the horse Penny and loves her and wants to take care of her so she sneaks out in the mornings to feed the horse an apple, working towards the day when she can tame the horse enough that she can ride it.

Oct 11, Sarina rated it really liked it Shelves: feministchildhood-faves. But I enjoyed the plotline of Felicity saving a horse from death all the same. Related Articles. It's only in the Look into the Past section in the end that mentions he's an enslaved person.

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Refresh and try again. We both enjoyed reading this book together. My Review: Growing up, I loved reading the American books because you can learn a lot, and there are pictures that help bring the history alive. I also felt like Felicity was very brave and I wanted to be more like that. I thought I must have been an exceptionally oblivious child I know I was because the podcast talked about how Felicity's family were slave owners and I didn't remember that. This book is a fantastic historical fiction book that appeals to young girls.

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Valerie Tripp is ren's book author, best known for her work with the American Girl meet an american girl. Recently I watched the Felicity movie, and it was v Felicity was my favorite American girl, because she liked horses. The main thrust of the book involves an extremely nasty old man, Mr.

Feb 15, Katie Ulmen-Smith rated it liked it. Felicity herself is a fun character to read about. Plus, all of the illustrations had Felicity in pretty dress patterns. I remember waaay back then when the American Girls collection had just 4 or 5 dolls. As an adult, do Felicity's questionable choices outweigh the appeal of a "spunky" per AG's usual description of her main character who finds herself capable of patience and perseverance when she cares enough?

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This is my first American Girl book. CWs: alcoholism, animal abuse, verbal abuse The plotline had nothing to do with the American Revolution like I expected. American Girl books may be a meet an american girl mechanism for American Girldolls and accessories, but this book delightfully introduces readers to the colonial world and one special heroine.

Young Adult. The books can meet an american girl quite didactic but, on the other hand, that's one reason that I like my daughter to read them. And when she does she falls in love with the horse, but she also sees that the horse is being mistreated, and Felicity will do whatever it takes to help get the horse away fr Meet Felicity begins with Felicity going to the store in town that her father owns and runs.

The books seem intent on teach I give the American Girl "Felicity" series 2 stars for me and 5 stars for my 6-year-old. Since she has lived in Silver Spring, Maryland. But it was so elided in this book I don't think I would have caught it even as an adult. I remember feeling like I could relate to her more than any of the others because she was so spunky and didn't like to take "no" for an answer! Felicity shows positive female power and readers how it is okay to be a little different.

He loves chapter books. Oct 26, Miss Clark rated it really liked it Shelves: children-shistorical.

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Each and every book has a looking back section in the back that is a little history lesson with actual pictures from the times. Her stories are also informative to readers about America, before it was America. In this first book of the series we follow Felicity on her mission to save a horse named Penny. We would lay on her bed and each take a turn reading a. Felicity grows up a little in Surprise, when her mother's grave illness makes the family more dependent on Felicity, but all ends happily.

If you need help, please call and one of our service meet an american girl will be happy to assist you. She lives in a fascinating time period, which is explored through her relationships and her reactions to events, in a manner that brought the American War for Independence and its issues to life for me in a way no textbook ever could.

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Felicity is so far my favorite American Girl. In Class: This book can be read when the students are learning about 13 colonies.

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Welcome back! If you have saved your information by registering at americangirl. Though she seems tomboy-ish, too, despite all the pink and having curls for miles. In colonial Williamsburg girls should stitch a straight seam, sit quietly at lessons, and always defer to the elders, but Felicity s heart is as big as her imagination.

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Welcome to American Girl. Forgot password? They're good quality, PG, historical fiction movies. Error rating book. Friend Reviews. We are unable to complete your request at this time. What is the age range for readers? I personally am a huge fan of this book.

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I love the time period that Felicity is alive in and I found her to be an inspiring character who loves to take a challenge to be different than is expected of her. Besides for that, I thought the whole Penny plot kind of dumb.

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The American Girl series is fun and easy to read. My boys absolutely love the movies.

Author: Janet Shaw. Read reviews Write a review. Maybe Caroline? Felecity's father is a shopkeeper in Williamsburg, Virginia and, as such, must decide whether he stands with the Patriots or the Loyalists when tensions begin to rise over King George's actions against the colonists. I think it was an average book so I only rated it three stars, but I still greatly enjoyed reading it. When she discovers that meet an american girl owner is cruel, she is determined to find a way to save Penny.

Our guarantee Get a refund, credit or exchange if you're not delighted. So much nostalgic love for these American Girl books! And when she does she falls in love with the horse, but she also sees that the horse is being mistreated, and Felicity will do whatever it takes to help get the horse away from that vile man. She is growing up at a time when girls mostly sew and cook and, instead, Felicity wants to be out riding horses.

Dan Andreasen Illustrator .